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Freeze dried pitaya




Freezing dried






100% and no Additive, no Preservative,no sugar




Double food-grade PE or aluminum bag, heat sealed.




Double corrugated paper box or according to clients’ requirement

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit, popular in Vietnam and very popular in the world. Dragon fruit has a cool sweet taste, contains a lot of nutrients and benefits for health.

In tropical and subtropical regions such as Asia and South America, dragon fruit grows and grows abundantly. Dragon fruit tree is considered to be a kind of green cactus. The fruit is light pink in color, the flesh inside is white or red with many small black seeds.

Dragon fruit has a rather fancy shape. Each fruit contains about 60 calories, rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorus. However, the nutritional value of dragon fruit is much more than that.

The special health benefits of dragon fruit such as:
- Effective against aging
Help to prevent cancer
- Increases heart health
- Contains a lot of iron to help nourish the blood
- Prevent diabetes
- Support to improve the digestive system
- Soothes sunburned skin

SAGA INTL is proud to be one of the leading trading associates in exporting dragon fruits and products from dragon fruits (dragon fruit wine, dragon fruit juice, dried dragon fruit, dragon fruit seeds ...) to the international market. .

With a raw material area of ​​200ha in Binh Thuan - the capital of dragon fruit of Vietnam - we are currently exporting 50-100 tons of dragon fruit / month and there will be much more.

All of our dragon fruit farms meet VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards, along with hygienic and standard processing factories, so SAGA INTL always confidently meets all strict requirements from the international market. practice.

In the present and future, SAGA INTL will bring to partners products from dragon fruits (dragon fruit wine, dragon fruit juice, dried dragon fruit ...) with the best quality and the most reasonable price.