Maccamadia in shell (Vietnam)

- Size : 21-25 mm

- Seed : 36%

- Unsound : 1,5 % by weight

- Moist:  1,6%

Packing : 10 kgs/ carton ( 39 x28.5 x 19)cm

80 -100 cartons / pallet - 20' Full conts : 8 tons - 10 tons

Certification: CN FDA approved,ISO, Non- GMO, Nutrition Facts..., All documents to export.

Macca seeds are the seeds of the macadamia tree, originating from Australia and grown in many parts of the world such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New Zealand, Vietnam ...

The macadamia nut is a nut with a delicate, buttery-like flavor, with a greasy taste, giving a refreshing sensation to first-time enjoyment. Like most nuts, macca nuts are rich in nutrients and healthy plant compounds. This nut is considered to be a miracle remedy for effective treatment of a number of health problems, including improved digestive system, heart health, weight control and blood sugar.

In addition, macca nuts contain monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and plant substances that help reduce cholesterol effectively. The health benefits and nutritional value of macca nuts such as: Enhance heart health, Add antioxidants, reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, Help improve gut health, Help lose weight. Fruit, Anti-cancer, Improve brain health, Increase longevity ...

Thanks to the advantage of connection from coffee, SAGA INTL has been supporting exports to the Macca nut producers in the Central Highlands - the largest Macca material region in Vietnam. With nearly half a century of experience from coffee trees - Vietnam is now the world's leading coffee exporter, the government is providing great support in planning material areas, producing and exporting macadamia nuts. Vietnam to the world.

With these advantages, in the present and in the future, SAGA INTL is completely confident to bring to international partners Macca products (fresh seeds, dried seeds, nut milk ...) with the best quality. and the most reasonable price.