Since its founding, SAGA INTL Company Limited has been bringing desirable, premium imported brand granite to retailers throughout Vietnam as a national brand importer and official brand agent.

High-grade granite products from India, Europe, Turkey, Braxil, China…. all products meet high quality standards for the Vietnamese market. Our distribution network is from North to South, including major partners such as Dong An, Dai Gia Phuc, Hoang Gia, Eurostone, Tran Tri Vu, Natural Stone….

Granite is a durable, beautiful and luxurious natural material that is often used in particularly important works such as castles, palaces, palaces of kings and aristocrats, and religious works. The great works such as the Egyptian pyramids, the Roman arena, the tajmahan temple ... The longevity of these works over thousands of years of history is a testament to the durability and value of granite.

Nowadays, the development of science and technology with modern machines, means and equipment makes the exploitation, processing and application of granite easier and more popular.

High quality natural stones are used in interior and exterior decoration of special construction projects such as hotels, trade centers, apartments, luxury apartments, villas ... by natural beauty. luxury, extreme weather endurance and durability over time.

With the goal of becoming the leading importer and distributor in Vietnam in the field of high-grade granite, SAGA INTL is committed to providing partners with the best products, services and benefits.

Sincerely thank you for your attention!